7 Best Harley-Davidson FL Touring Seats 2024

Harley-Davidson FL Touring motorbikes are made to overcome the challenging roads that riders face while going on those long bike rides. It comes packed with gears and equipment that facilitate the rider through any touring journey.

The only thing riders complain about on any stock Harley is its seat. Harleys come with highly uncomfortable seats. For long rides, the seat becomes a menace. Riding with the stock seat for long distances greatly strains the rider.

So the stock seat is a no-go, and you need a proper replacement. Fear not; this article covers just that. It goes through some of the best seats you can buy from Amazon.com today for your Harley to make your next ride as comfortable as sleeping on a luxury mattress. Continue reading and save yourself from those uncomfortable long rides.

Here’s Our Picks for The Best Harley-Davidson Fl Touring Seats:

Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Regal

Mustang has been designing seats for motorcycles since 1980. They use the best of products and manufacture premium quality seats. So no doubt, the Mustang 76036 Standard Touring is one of the best seats available on the market.

It lies on the expensive side of the price range but is absolutely worth it. The seats are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the rider. Despite being very comfortable, the seats are pretty firm and thus maintain the integrity of the seat-base and the riding posture of the driver.

The front is narrower than the stock Harley seat model to help the rider reach the ground when stopping. Besides being comfortable, the seat looks magnificent and will give a luxurious feel to your Harley.


  • The seats are bucket-shaped to provide firm support to your back and allow room for adjusting for maximum comfort.
  • The outer covering is vinyl and has exterior stitchings, adding to the seat’s premium feel.
  • The seat is made with exceptional quality cushions and foam. It is adjusted to the perfect height to grant you an optimal driving experience.
  • The seat features a 17-inch wide front bucket seat and a 14-inch wide rear seat. This ensures comfort also for the person riding at the back with you.
  • The seat also features 1.5-inch room for the installation of backrest kits.

XMT Moto Hammock Rider

XMT offers good-quality seats that are also lighter on the budget. This seat is available at a very low price on Amazon but provides better comfort than the stock Harley seat. In addition, the seat features iron support and a plastic base.

The seat uses foam cushions which are very comfortable to ride on. The seat is very light, measuring only 10.93 pounds. The bucket-shaped contour of the driver’s seat increases the driver’s stability. It also has integrated suspensions that protect the pillion rider when traversing rough roads.


  • The outer covering of the seat is made from synthetic leather, so the maintenance requirement of the seat is very minimal.
  • The seat fits almost all the Touring models of Harley-Davidson and is very budget-friendly.
  • The seating area is quite large for both the driver and the pillion for comfortable, strain-free rides.
  • The seat is slightly elevated from the stock seat, providing the perfect height adjustment for riding.

Mustang 76860 Super Touring Summit

The Mustang 76860 is one of the premium offerings from Mustang. It is built with premium cushions to offer long-lasting comfort when going for those long weekend rides. In addition, the rear seat is equally comfortable as the front one ensuring an exertion-free ride experience for the pillion rider.

The seat is exceptionally light, measuring only 6 pounds on the weighing scale. There is no visible stitching on the outer side of the covering, so the seat is durable against rainy weather. The seat is wider than the stock Harley seat and has an adjustable backrest.


  • The seat comes with a vinyl outer covering which is also waterproof and is thus resistant to any kind of harsh weather.
  • It features a wide bucket-shaped driving seat of 19 inches and a 16-inch wide passenger seat which is very plush.
  • The seat offers a 1.75-inch extra space in the front, and a 2-inch elevated height makes riding easier for tall motorbikers.
  • The seat also allows for the installation of separate handrails and armrests at the rear.

Saddlemen SDC Performance Pro(with Lumbar support)

Saddlemen has been manufacturing seats since 1987 and is famous for its gel-core technology seats. The seat options offered by Saddlemen fall under the premium category and are priced relatively high.

Their innovative gel-core technology paired with best-in-class cushions makes this seat special. In addition, the seat features a much higher quality carbon-fiber frame than a standard iron frame for the seat. As a result, the seat provides absolute stable rides.

It also comes with premium gripped upholstery and lumbar support. This feature helps prevent the lower back pain drivers experience after a long riding session. Despite being very comfortable, the seat is firm and helps maintain the riding stature for longer hours.


  • The seat comes with a very thin outer upholstery that provides grip and also helps protect the seat from the water, making it resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • It has an adjustable lumbar backrest and lumbar support integrated into the seat.
  • The seat has gel-based cushion support, which is better than any foam-based seat and is one of the best in the market.
  • The seats come with grippy upholstery, and the gel core helps distribute pressure and energy, thus providing rigid unwavering stability to the rider.

Saddlemen Tour Step Up

The Saddlemen Tour Step Up is a seat designed by Saddlemen using the same Gel-core technology as their other offerings. It is built to give the bikers absolute stability and control over their rides.

It comes with progressive-density foam to provide the utmost comfort to its buyers. It distributes the force and energy from the rough road dampening it in the process, giving the rider a smooth riding experience.

It has a polyurethane base for support instead of plastic or iron, i.e., no compromises were made in the aspect of comfort. In addition, this seat’s back support is quite large, thus ensuring longer driving times.


  • It comes with a marine-grade Vinyl covering with a grippy texture that is resistant to water.
  • The larger support area at the back of the driver’s seat provides extra stability and control for the rider.
  • The seat has a height elevation and offers an optimal driving experience.
  • It easily fits into a wide range of Harleys without much adjustment.

Mustang 79006 Super Touring Deluxe

Mustang Super Touring Deluxe is the top-of-the-line offering of the ‘Super Touring’ series from Mustang. The upholstery is outstanding and will give your Harley a luxurious look. The seat is highly comfortable because of its soft yet firm nature.

The seat comes with extensive rear and front seating areas. It also allows backrest attachments at the front and the back and armrest and handrest extensions at the rear. The seating is very stable and allows ample adjusting room for the driver.


  • The seat is kind of laid back and allows enough room in the front, which benefits the tall guys.
  • The passenger seat is just as wide as the driver seat with attachment options, providing comfort even to the rider at the back.
  • The seat firmly sits on the bike, thus providing stability to the driver and rider.
  • The outer covering is weatherproof, so you can go on rides in any weather.

Le Pera KickFlip(Diamond Seating)

Le Pera seats are a dreamwork of Bob Le Pera and his artistry in leather goods. Le Pera has been designing seats since the 1970s and is one of the most prestigious names in the business.

The Kickflip is an absolute work of art. Starting from its marine-grade vinyl upholstery to its diamond stitching. The craftsmanship is fantastic and sets this in a different class in its looks.


  • Everything can be customized, from the stitching to its upholstery, which is a significant plus for this one if you are one of those artsy ones who like to own unique customized versions.
  • The front seating area is 14 inches wide, thus providing ample support for the rider.
  • The backrest is raised, compensating for the lack of attachment options regarding external backrests.
  • The seats are well-built yet very comfortable to sit on for long hours.

Buying Guide

You should go over this buying guide to choose the seat that best suits your interests. It covers various topics you must look over to decide which seat you should go for.


Comfort is the most crucial aspect when choosing custom seats for your Harley. If you like long bike rides and often go on rides during the weekends, then selecting a standard plastic base cushion seat is not going to cut it. Instead, you need a proper iron-based or fiberglass-based cushion seat with either foam or gel padding.

On the other hand, if you are riding only occasionally, spending too much on the seat would be a waste. So just go for the plastic-based budget-friendly one.


Source: cycleworld.com

Style comes second after comfort. A Harley is an emotion for every bike lover. Everyone dreams of owning a stylish and unique Harley one day that becomes the envy of passersby and your pride. For achieving this, looks should be critical. You have to go for the luxurious ones that offer premium looks, customizations, and comfort.


Everyone is different, and their priorities are too. Some can manage even with the stock-like seats, but you might not feel comfortable in those. Do not worry because you are not alone. Your stature might be short or very tall; accordingly, you must choose seats.

If you are short, you have to focus on elevated seats. Whereas if you are tall, you will have to go for the wide seats that offer enough leg room and are laid back.


You will also need good weatherproof seats if you ride in unforgiving weather conditions. You will need marine-grade vinyl-covered seats with proper stitching. You will also need to have a carbon fiber frame as iron ones can decay quickly in bad weather conditions. Whereas if you ride in pleasant weather conditions, the seat with vinyl or synthetic leather covering will work just fine.


It is already evident that the more you play, the better quality seats you will get. So if you don’t want to compromise on quality, you will have to look for upholstered leather/vinyl seats with custom stitching, padding, and decorations. Opting for a higher quality adds up in the style department as well. For example, an expensive Vinyl-covered cushion seat will look better than synthetic leather-covered seats any day. So choose wisely.


Source: eaglerider.com

Ultimately everything comes down to your choices and preferences. So choose the perfect custom seat for your Harley-Davidson FL Touring just as you want. Compromising seat quality will lead to undesirable scenarios and bad riding experiences.

Spending on the best quality product is always the safest option when you can’t choose between style and comfort. But the choice becomes much easier if you have the patience and time to research the product.

Always spend a generous amount on the seats, as owning a Harley is an achievement, and you would not want your precious beauty to look bad. But, of course, you can blindly opt for any of the seats mentioned here if you can’t choose.

Now, you are all set for going on a bike tour in that Harley of yours. Explore the mountains, deserts, and every nook and corner of the world around you. Keep wandering. A hidden waterfall in that deep forest near your house is waiting to be discovered by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make my Harley seats more comfortable?

Source: luimoto.com

You can buy padded seat covers and seat pads for your custom seats. In addition, they can add an extra layer of cushion over your seat to give you extra comfort while riding.

Should you go with gel-based seats or foam-based seats?

Gel-based seats are obviously more comfortable than traditional foam-based seats. The gel coating helps distribute the pressure, and the bike ride remains comfortable in every scenario. However, the gel-based seats attract a lot of heat and don’t let it escape. So beware when parking your Harley in the open under direct sunlight during summer.

How to care for your leather seats?

Always try to park the vehicle under a shade. Do not let the leather seat heat up incredibly and then cool down. Because this can dry up the natural oil in the seat and will cause it to stiffen up, making the seats uncomfortable.

How to clean your motorcycle seat?

Buy a leather cleaner to clean up any stains that might have developed on your leather seats. Alternatively, you can use simple water and a cloth to clean vinyl or synthetic leather seats.