12 Best Full Synthetic Oil For Diesel Engines 2024 – Maintaining Vehicle in Perfect Condition

Owning a diesel-powered or petrol-powered vehicle isn’t a big deal, but maintaining the vehicle in perfect condition might be daunting. The engine is the heart of the vehicle, so if it malfunctions, the vehicle owner might be in big trouble.

So it is necessary to change the engine oil at regular intervals to maintain the machine perfectly. The lifespan of petrol engine synthetic oils is comparatively higher than synthetic diesel engine oils.

Oil For Diesel Engines

Most people prefer to use standard engine oil that lasts for a short time as it is comparatively cheap, but synthetic-grade engine oils can last forever. This article has mentioned some best full synthetic oil for diesel engines. So if you’re in search of synthetic engine oils for diesel engines, then continue reading this article till the end.

 Top Synthetic Oil Examples Review

People might have seen a plethora of regular engine oils and synthetic blend engine oils in the market. But still, people are confused about choosing the right product to maintain their engine in a better way.

Soon after reading this article, vehicle lovers and ordinary people might have a better idea of different grades of engine oils. Soon after knowing the different grades of engine oil, people can choose the right product according to their preference.

1. Mobil 1 – 50W-20 Long Engine Protection

Mobil 1

Synthetic engine oils can enhance the mileage of the vehicles more than conventional engine oil, so using this kind of engine oil might eventually increase the performance and mileage of that particular vehicle. Mobil 1 has launched many impressive engine oils with impressive chemical properties; they have also launched many combo engine oils in the lineup.

Mobil 5w-20 synthetic blend oil is a perfect fit for diesel vehicles. Standard engine oils provide essential lubrication for vehicles, but it does not help in extreme weather conditions, and this product can enhance the engine pickup and mileage.

This engine oil and other kinds of synthetic engine oil can enhance the user’s experience by providing smooth rides and excessive mileage. There are several grades of synthetic engine oil, from which people can choose the preferred engine oil depending upon the capacity. Moreover, each vehicle will have a specific recommendation, so people should never use a different engine oil grade to avoid future problems.


  • This engine oil from Mobil one 50W-20 can protect diesel engines for 15000 km or one year.
  • Unlike standard oils, Mobil one enhances engine protection by blocking rust, ash, and sludge deposition deep into the engine.
  • Enhanced mileage from this engine oil might reduce the running cost in the long run.
  • Engine life can be improved by using this kind of engine oil as it enhances lubrication and works well even in high temperatures.
  • The stability of the engine and noises in diesel engines will be reduced because of the viscosity of the engine oil.
  • Cold starts in early mornings have been made easy by Mobil 1.

2. Shell Rotella

Shell Rotella

Like other grade synthetic oils, Shell has manufactured a fantastic product for diesel engines. It is one of the leading brands for manufacturing high-grade synthetic and standard oils.

This product from the shell is a special grade engine oil, so anyone can use this grade of engine oil to withstand high-temperature output from engines. This variant can lubricate the engine and provide a very high mileage than other engine oils. The engine’s efficiency and pickup can also be improved by using this grade of engine oil.

Engine rust and sludge formation are some of the biggest threats for diesel engine users, so Shell engine oils protect the engine from this kind of ash and sludge formations. Some might prefer to use higher-grade engine oils to make the vehicle smooth. Still, people should avoid this because the engine will have a specific recommendation, so vehicle owners should follow the recommendation.


  • Smoother rides have been made easy as Shell has added additional features to enhance the overall riding experience.
  • This engine oil has added a rust and wear-resistant formula to improve overall performance and mileage.
  • Generally, people might find some rust and other deposits in diesel engines soon after two or three months of refilling. Shell Rotella can avoid such deposits in the machine so the engine life can be enhanced automatically.
  • This synthetic oil enhances the resistance against dirt, dust, ash, and sludge formation.

3. Valvoline Premium

Valvoline Premium

After reading the recommendation manual, Valvoline manufactures this kind of engine oil, but this kind of engine oil suits all types of diesel engines. The premium quality engine oil enhances the riding experience by making the engine smooth.

Valvoline is a well-known brand in the automobile sector worldwide, so anyone can choose this product to improve mileage, riding experience, and much more. Changing engine oil frequently might also be a problem, so people should make sure to change engine oil if the oil is burnt or soon after using the engine oil for six months to one year.

This engine oil can avoid serious problems like jamming, engine block, malfunctioning, and other critical issues. This engine oil has some chemical properties that allow the engine oil to work well even in extreme weather conditions. Other than the critical issues, users might feel the difference soon after using this engine oil.


  • This synthetic blend of engine oils has made instant starts in cold weather conditions.
  • The oil can withstand a lot of chemical and thermal issues that most vehicles face in extreme weather conditions.
  • Oxidation-resistant formulas might help in extending the engine life.
  • Even heavy-duty trucks can be benefited as the engine oil is highly viscous.

4. Triax Engine Oils

Triax Engine Oils

We have seen some of the important grades of engine oils, but there are more options to be explored to find the right engine oil according to the engine’s capacity. Triax has manufactured some of the impressive synthetic oils to fulfill various needs of users in different places.

The heat-resistant formula in Triax can enhance the user’s experience in a better way by lubricating and cooling the engine in a better way. Trucks and bigger vehicles can also benefit from this engine oil as it has a very high viscosity and very high lubrication capability.

These lubricants can be used in vehicles that are manufactured after 2016. Vehicle manuals can also be read before refilling the engine oil to improve engine life. The engine oil’s viscosity enhances the heat-resistant properties, so make sure to choose a highly viscous engine oil grade according to the engine oil type mentioned in the user manual.


  • Crp technology powers this engine oil to make the engine perform well in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Manufacturers have added some special additives to function well in high temperatures.
  • Because of pre boosted turbocharging protection systems, Turbo bearings can be set free from ashes and deposits.
  • Supercooled technology from Triax has enhanced the user’s experience in a better way.
  • Pickup vehicles should make sure to use this kind of engine oil because of the enhanced pickup and impressive mileage-giving capability.

5. Schaeffer Oils

Schaeffer Oils

Schaeffer is one of the leading engine oil manufacturers, so people can expect premium synthetic engine oils from Schaeffer. It comes under the grade 5w-40, the premium grade engine oil with some additives that improve engine pickup and durability.

Like other engine oil, this premium-grade oil can act engine friendly, and it does not create and rupture in diesel engines. So it is a must to try this grade of synthetic oils at least once. Manufacturers prefer to add some additives in engine oil to improve engine mileage and stability, and Schaeffer did the same to impress users.

Users can feel the difference by just test riding the vehicle soon after refilling the oil. So the improved mileage and enhanced pickup in this engine oil will prove the quality. Overall experience and engine life can be improved by using this product regularly.


  • Schaeffer engine oil can increase the durability and reliability of the engine.
  • Even in extreme weather, Schaeffer engine oils can maintain the engine perfectly.
  • Like other synthetic engine oils, even Schaffer can maintain the viscosity and properties of the engine in very high temperatures as well.
  • It is friction-modified engine oil that can improve the overall rider’s experience.

6. Lucas oils

Lucas oils

The dependency on engine oil will be high in extreme temperatures, so Lucas has made the engine oil in such a way to withstand harsh weather conditions. In extreme weather conditions, this grade of engine oil can provide excessive pickup by enhancing the smoothness to the engine and its related parts.

Engine oils can be changed once a year or 30000 km once to maintain the engine properly. Burnt engine oil can never provide sufficient lubrication to crankshafts and pistons. Never miss the due date to change the engine oil to increase the engine life. The same procedure has to be implemented on all kinds of engine oil.


  • People can change the engine oil soon after it burns. But on average, Lucas oil can be changed once in 30000 km.
  • It can be claimed as a high-performing engine oil as it provides sufficient lubrication, pickup, and mileage.

7. Motul Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Motul Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Motul made a name for itself for being the first manufacturer to create a 100% synthetic oil back in the 1970s, and they continuously work on various innovations in the field of synthetic motor oils. This particular product is unique in a way that it can be used for both diesel and gasoline engines.

This is a type of oil that is formulated to be 100% synthetic and remains an ideal choice for high displacement engines, both diesel and direct injection gasoline. This particular oil is sold in four jugs totaling twenty liters together. Although it is a bit pricier, it is very hard to beat on its versatility.


  • It is a fully synthetic oil, meaning crude oil is not used in the manufacturing process.
  • This oil has a weight of SAE 5W-40, meaning that it has an SAE viscosity rating of 5 in cold temperatures and a rating of 40 at normal temperatures.
  • It is specifically designed for powerful and new cars fitted with displacement engines.
  • Suitable for leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels, and LPG.

8. Liqui Moly 2024 Diesel High Tech Synthetic Oil

Liqui Moly 2024 Diesel High Tech Synthetic Oil

Countless car enthusiasts are huge fans of Liqui Moly products, whether it is a fuel injector cleaner, engine flush, or in this case, synthetic oil for powerful engines. Their motor oil products are top-of-the-line, which is one of the main reasons why they boast such respect from their customers.

This synthetic oil for diesel engines is made in Germany, and it provides unparalleled protection against friction and wear is able to last thousands of miles longer than some other diesel oils on the market without losing its effectiveness. Once you switch to this oil, slowly but surely, you will notice a small increase in fuel economy.


  • Low SAPS fully synthetic motor oil for older generation diesel engines.
  • It makes you gain a small increase in fuel economy.
  • Specifically created for engines equipped with diesel particulate filters.

9. Ford Motorcraft Genuine Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

Ford Motorcraft Genuine Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

Using a full synthetic oil in an engine that runs a Ford Power Stroke diesel is an absolute must. It is the motor oil that Ford Motor Company highly recommends, and it is the one that is used at the service departments of Ford dealerships.

Regardless of the Ford model you are driving, it is very tough to beat Motorcraft oil, as it makes your engine stay cleaner for longer periods, run cooler, and provide better fuel economy. It is a top-of-the-line oil that is also available for a reasonable price.


  • It fits the requirements of most domestic and imported diesel engine manufacturers.
  • Extra heavy-duty synthetic diesel motor oil.
  • It keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer periods.
  • It provides better fuel economy.

10. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

From flagship motor oils to antifreeze and gear oil, Valvoline made a name for itself by delivering top-notch engine oils. This particular product is not any different in terms of quality, as it provides superb protection for diesel and gas engines of different types.

This formula is specifically designed for hardworking trucks and equipment used in both on-road and off-road highway applications. It provides performance, protection, and advanced fuel economy in modern emissions treatment equipped with diesel engines. The oil is a bit on the expensive side, but definitely worth every penny you invest in it.


  • Outstanding oxidation resistance that supports long oil life in heavy-duty engines.
  • Excellent wear protection for hardworking, heavy-duty trucks and equipment.
  • It is endorsed and recommended by Cummins.

Buying Guide

The type of engine oil matters, so make sure to consider this factor before choosing the right engine oil for diesel engines. Other than the type, we have mentioned two essential criteria to enhance the user’s experience.

buying guide oil for disel engines


Before choosing, it is a must to look at the compatibility by referring to the user’s manuals of that particular vehicle. Soon after confirming, people can look for that particular engine oil to enjoy the benefits. Synthetic grade oils can enhance users’ experiences. There are several grades in the market, but one should choose the preferred engine oil with high viscosity.

Rating of ACEA

Ratings from Acea can help people in finding the properties of engine oil. Soon after finding the properties, the type can be analyzed easily. Each vehicle’s engine capacity, weight, withstanding capability, and temperature resistance might vary, so one can easily find suitable engine oils by knowing the ratings.

Final Words

Hence, some of the famous engine oil brands’ and standard criteria to choose the right product have been mentioned. Anyone can choose the preferred engine oil according to the vehicle and engine type they hold by knowing these criteria.

The engine is the most crucial part of the vehicle, so it must be maintained properly to use that particular vehicle for a long time. It might be a heavy-duty or low capacity vehicle; anything must be appropriately maintained to use it for a long time. Hope this article is informative!

Frequently Asked Questions

Oil For Diesel Engines

1. How often should we change the engine oil?

Standard oils can last for a maximum of 6 months, whereas synthetic blend engine oils can last for 6 to 12 months. But checking the engine oil for regular intervals might be helpful as the engine oil might have burnt because of over-usage. So make sure to use advanced engine oils to improve the engine life.

2. Difference between regular and synthetic engine oil?

Synthetic engine oil will last two times higher than conventional engine oil, and it also provides maximum efficiency and enhances the overall performance of the vehicle. So make sure to use synthetic grade engine oil to increase the engine life.

3. Can we top up engine oil?

Yes! If the oil level is reduced, people can top up the engine with new engine oil or reuse the old engine oil to top up. But if the engine oil is burnt, it is a must to replace it.

4. Disadvantages of synthetic oils?

Synthetic engine oils are costlier than normal engine oils, and they might also reduce the fuel economy on highways as the speed of the cars on highways will be high.

5. Do synthetic oils expire?

Most engine oils might expire in five years, but synthetic oils can be stored for a period of 8 to 10 years. So the life of synthetic oils is comparatively higher than conventional engine oils.