Harley-Davidson Softail Seats

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, riding a Harley-Davidson is a dream. Not just for youngsters, but also for riders of all ages who have a sense of adventure and freedom. They enjoy riding bikes, and without a doubt, Harley Davidson is the brand they picture themselves riding.

There are many variants of Harley Davidson in the market, and Softail is one of them. Also, this is one of the best touring bikes and a classic one for its vintage look and easy-to-handle feature. It is customizable, so you can try various seats from the options below.

The best experience is achieved when the seat is right and comfortable. Because there’s a long way to go, and you need to ensure a safe ride as a bad seat can affect your body. Find the right seat for your Harley-Davidson Softail from the list below.

6 Harley Davidson Softail Seat in 2024

Leather Spring Seat For Softail In Black

Eagle Skull presents the solo seat in black for the Softail variant and the other variants, made out of genuine leather. The solo seat makes the rider feel better, as the real leather stands out the most. The spring in the seat manages the turbulence to protect the back of the rider.

The seat also has a diamond-stitched design for a cooler look and comfort. Let us see some of the featu res and other details below.


●     The seat comes in black colour and is sold by the brand Eagle skull.

●     The width of the seat is 10.5 inches.

●     It weighs 6 pounds.

●     Comes with a spring saddle.

●     A separate mounting kit is required for the installation.

●     The dimension of the product is 16 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches.

●     It’s compatible with 2006-17 Dyna, 2008-17 Softail slim, Breakout FXS, Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC, and Deluxe FLSTN models.

Saddlemen Renegade the LS solo seat

Brand Saddlemen’s stylish seat for the Harley’s Softail is fancy and provides comfort with the amazing riding experience. The stitch on the seat design stands out in the eyes of the beholder. The seat looks cool and posh for the riders, and the luxuries and comfort of it. It comes with a GelCore technology that handles the vibration transmitted from the seat to the body very well and cuts its impact by 92%.

Many more features of this product are listed below.


●     It is a stylish seat with a lattice stitch pattern on it.

●     The foam material is the essence of the style that it exudes.

●     The seat is black.

●     It weighs 7.3 pounds.

●     The vibration is reduced in the body by 50% with the use of GelCore technology.

●     It also reduces the direct impact by 92%.

●     Hardware and other essentials for the installation come along with it.

●     The dimension of this product is 20.47 x 12.2 x 12.08 inches.

Passenger Cushion seat for Softail Street Bob

If you want to take a pillion with you on your ride, buy this solo passenger seat; it is easy to install and detach whenever you need it. This seat is compatible with the Softail street bob variant and the Softail standard FXST 2020-2021 model.

This passenger cushion seat will complement the bike for its style and ease for the pillion rider. Let’s check out the essential features and specs of this seat by WOWTK.


●     The passenger seat comprises microfiber, PU leather, foam, iron, and PP plastic.

●     It’s a solo cushion seat and comes with a passenger peg crash bar.

●     It weighs 5.52 pounds.

●     It is easy to install and detach, and riders can do it whenever they want.

●     The dimension of the package is 13.82 x 9.37 x 6.89 inches.

●     It is compatible with the FXST 2020 and 2021, Street Bob FXBB 2018 and 2019 models.

 Solo seat with backrest for Harley Davidson Softail wide tire

Mustang Motorcycle Seat offers the Solo seat for Harley riders with the backrest. The seat with the backrest makes it look cool and gives the riders comfort for a long day on the bike. The stylish-looking seat is durable when you know the brand it comes from.

The rider can ride low with the low cut the seat provides, and the width of the seat is more than enough for any rider to sit comfortably on a long journey. Let’s look at the features of this mustang motorcycle seat in detail.


●     Low-cut seat with a width of 13 inches.

●     The synthetic glove leather with diamond stitch and black colour makes it look cool and stylish.

●     The backrest is attached to the seat for a comfortable experience.

●     It weighs 1.6 ounces.

●     Product dimension is 22 x 15.5 x 10 inches.

●     Compatible with the variants such as Fat boy 2007-17, Softail Custom 2006-7, CrossBones 2008-11, Springers 2007-8, and Night Train 2006-9 Models.

Wide Solo Seat by Mustang for Softail Wide Tire 2006-17

This black solo seat by Mustang is handcrafted in the USA. The construction of this seat provides luxury and comfort to the rider with its extra-wide hip area. This premium-looking seat is durable and resistant to elements that exceed OEM standards.

It is a tested Solo seat for any temperature and, without any other maintenance, is an overall powerful, sophisticated seat to get your hands on. Let’s look at the features below.


●     It retains its shape and support at any temperature.

●     It provides even weight distribution.

●     It weighs 9.6 pounds.

●     The 17.3 inches wide area on the seat is more than enough for a comfortable ride.

●     This seat is made of Vinyl, Foam, and Fiberglass. The carpeted bottoms protect the paint.

●     The dimension of the product is 19 x 16 x 10 inches.

Mustang Motorcycle Passenger Seat for the Harley Davidson Softail wide tire.

This passenger seat by Mustang is the ultimate and classy pick for the bike. It looks premium as the brand’s name as it is handcrafted in the USA. It’s compatible with the varied temperature and doesn’t lose shape and support.

The cover is made of premium expanded Vinyl that offers the look of leather. Let’s check out the more specs and features of this passenger seat by Mustang.


●     Its intelligently formed foam doesn’t need a break-in period and provides an even distribution of weight while riding.

●     Its made of Vinyl, Foam, and Fiberglass that gives the appearance of leather and provides durability and resistance from the elements that exceed OEM standards.

●     It weighs around 5.24 pounds.

●     The seat width is 14 inches, which is wide enough for the passenger seat.

●     The dimension of the product is 14.3 x 12.5 x 10.8 inches.

●     It comes in Black color.

●     Its fit type is HD.

Buyers Guide

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When it’s about buying anything, the key factors of the product need to be looked at along with the other essential details. This guide will let you make a perfect and smart decision for buying a Seat for your Softail variants.

Note: Harley Davidson’s Softail is a 2 piece system and it’s a customizable bike. Therefore, the rider’s seat and passenger’s seat need to be purchased separately and installed separately. One can remove the passenger seat if it’s not needed. And the seat is available only in black color.


Looking at the prices is still the important aspect we all look at. We all have our budget for buying things unless you are an open purse shopper. So check the price range of the seat before buying and consider your requirements for the purchase. Know, Why you want the seat? Is it because of the position, comfort, etc?


Before making the purchase, the next thing to keep in mind is maintenance. Know whether the seat you’re buying needs maintenance or an extra penny after regular intervals to keep it functioning and sustained for a longer time. As there are many seats which don’t need any maintenance. One-time payment is enough for a long time to come concerning a seat.


Source: harley-davidsonofmanila.com.ph

The place you’re buying is reliable or not. Whether it’s online or offline, you need to check about their timely services and their policies before and after delivery of the platform you are buying from. So, reliability remains the important ingredient in making a perfect choice.


Next is credibility, if you’re buying from the online platform, it’s important to check the customer reviews as they give a huge chunk of information to the buyers, whether to go for this product or not?

If you’re buying from Amazon.com you are assured about the product before it arrives at your doorstep, and even if it has to be returned, you know you’re in safe hands. Hence, credibility remains the priority, along with the quality standard checked.


Buying a product from a reputed brand is necessary to be assured about the quality. Also, for the service after purchase, in case you need it. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend more on a quality product because of the notion that branded things are good quality and high-priced. Always compare before you make a choice.


Source: conagi.com.br

Knowing what you need in the seat, you’re looking for is essential. Figure out what dimension, material, and even the price range you’re looking for, as this will help you determine and select the product you need. All the features needed in the seat are given above for the things to look for.

Look at the guide above, and your own research is a must if you are buying it for the first time.


Harley Davidson Softail Seats are available on the e-commerce platform, and they have quite a few ranges in prices and designs. Before going ahead, check the options and various requirements according to your personal needs.

Online platforms like Amazon.com brings you a wide variety of products and a huge haul to select the best product for your needs, and you can choose the seat from the list given above as these e-commerce platforms present you with the best product and service at your door.

Getting the product of your requirement will turn out to be the greatest investment for the time to come. I hope this gives a clear picture to consider and also the options to choose from. Have a great time shopping.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Are all Softail seats the same?

All the Softail motorcycles have 2 piece system for seats, so one can install riders seat and attach a passengers seat, or both. Softail is a customizable motorcycle and its seats are made for riders to sit in instead of sit on. Therefore all of its driver’s seat is low-cut.

2. What is the seat height of Heritage Softail?

The saddle height of Harley Davidson Softail is around 680/690mm or 26.3 inches. There are other variants in Softail too and that’s the average height of the seats that you can consider.

3. Will the Softail seat fit a FatBoy?

Yes, if the Softail is from 2000 years up. It fits the Fatboy. And it is good for touring. Also, the Softail seats fit with the other variants of their own and also as mentioned, FatBoy for the record.

Source: orlandosentinel.com

4. Is Softail good for touring?

Yes, Harley Davidson’s Softail is the best cruiser bike for touring. It’s great on the road and can be the only bike of your dreams. It’s the ultimate bike. Go for it.

5. Is there a matching passenger seat?

Yes, you can look for the seats online and also get a matching passenger seat. You’ll need to pay a little extra for that. There are brands that sell matching seats.

6. Will the seat with the backrest work with the passenger seat?

There’s no other stock HD passenger seat to match, but Mustang has a passenger seat to match up with the rider’s backrest seat. So look for the pair; it won’t be worth investing money in if it is not available.